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Self Portrait 

Self Portrait 

      Although my background is in cartoon drawing, and painting, recently my practice has been dominated with cardboard sculpture. My cardboard works give 3-d form to my drawings and paintings while allowing them to become their own animated manifestations. My manipulation of cardboard has given birth to a sort of stylistic cohesiveness among the characters and objects I create with it, and would be completely different in any other material.

      I am continuing in the tradition of female artists who invented their own mythologies in an attempt to insert a narrative into the collective unconscious that does not dominate and weaken women but instead emboldens them. Character is definitely at the core of my artistic process and comes from my love of cartoon’s. Bringing characters to life from my imagination is a key driving force in my need to create. With everything I make I strive to use existing mythologies and adapt them into my own twisted aesthetic.



      Gabrielle Hoole was born in Winnipeg and grew up in Toronto. She first developed a love for drawing while trying to mimic and invent new cartoon characters like the ones in the comics she loved to read. She went to Rosedale Heights school of the Arts before graduating and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Concordia in drawing and painting. She collaborated with a team of artist to design and create public murals for Community Centre 55 in Toronto . She recently participated in a two man show at Jacuzzi Club in Montreal that was the result of a four month residency. She is currently working on a series of mythological teenage beings. 


Gabrielle Hoole

Artist CV





Rosedale Heights School of the Arts 2009- 2012

Concordia University, Drawing and Painting, BFA 2013- 2017


Work Experience:


Bayview Glen Day Camp, Fine Arts Specialist, 2015

  • Created art history and fine arts related programing for children ages 9-13

  • Facilitated children's art show

Community Centre 55, Muralist, 2016

  • Consulted the community regarding art preferences/suggestions

  • Designed and planned murals with a team of artists

  • Participated in painting murals


Volunteer Experience:


Coordinator for the 6th annual Beaches Pumpkin Parade, Oct 2017

  • Community outreach

  • Contacted local coffee shop’s for refreshment donations

  • Organised cleanup

Currently Interning for Gallery 1313

  • Informing public on our current exhibitions

  • Hanging and taking down shows

  • Assisting the gallery director




2015 - Created illustrations for articles, The Link, Concordia University (vol. 25, issue 30, pg.10; vol. 35, issue 12,  pg.13)


2017- Featured in article for The Concordian: “Tackling questions of identity in a digital age” by Chloe Lalonde, Aug. 29th


2017- Featured in the T6 magazine, "Sofa Negotiations" series, The Six Hundred, vol.1, no.2




2015 - Group Show: Art Party, Poisson Noir, Montreal, QC


2017 - Two Man Show: Troop 110 and the Inexplicable Abstraction, Jacuzzi Club, March,  Montreal, QC


2017- Group Show, CRTL_ALT_DEL_, VAV Gallery, Concordia University, Aug. 19th - Sept 8th, Montreal, QC


2018- Group show, Emerging artist showcase, Gallery 1313, jan 31 - feb11th, Toronto, On